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Creative Romantic Ways to Celebrate Your Sweetie on Valentines Day at Home

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

By Jewel of Elegance Staff Writers

Since Covid-19, people have been shying away from celebrating holidays where going out is one of the major activities. As a result, people have to get creative, in the romance department to keep things ‘spicy and fun!’ In this month’s addition of Posh Life, we will be offering new and unique suggestions on celebrating Valentine’s Day or any romantic life event. So Let’s Get to it Shall we!

Netflix and Chill Romantic Edition

Even though, Netflix and Chill in the 21st Century, has sexual overtones, you can actually change the narrative and create something fun and spicy. Find a spot in the living room or wherever you have an open space, in front of the tv. Spread out

a blanket and some comfortable pillows, on the floor. Place a nice table cloth on your coffee table, break out your best plate setting, yes with napkins with rings on them and shiny flatware. Then, prepare a bounty of finger foods as well as snacks such as: flavored popcorn, slider sandwiches, fruit & dipping sauces, and your favorite beverage or create a specialty drink to match the romantic movie you will watch. If you want to be extra, like me (Libra Energy), you could even set up everything in a tent or indoor canopy for an extra touch. Some finishing touches could include: An ecard or a sexy text message, inviting your boo over for the evening: scented candles making a pathway to the spread; maybe a thoughtful gift, that shows you pay attention,

like a favorite fragrance, sweet treat, or add Love Coupons with services your boo would enjoy. Then, of course, dress for the occasion; slip into sexy lingerie, in their favorite color and for an added touch, have some silk boxers waiting for your boo to get comfortable. The point is to be as creative and make the evening extra special!

Some movie recommendations, I would play would be: Love Jones, Brown Sugar, Love & Basketball, Just Wright or The Photograph. I’m sure that your sweetie would totally appreciate your efforts and I’m sure after feeding each other, some adult fun may get underway!

Candlelight & You

Shanta Moore said it best in her song 'Candlelight and You' when she said “In all the world, I know it’s true, Nothing compares to Candlelight and You!”

Back in the day, couples would call the radio station and send out a dedication, to their sweetie, to express how they feel about them through a song. As someone who is a hopeless romantic, I still do dedications, via text message, but I take it one step further and create a WHOLE Playlist, for my baby. So, why plan Valentine’s Day, at home, with an evening of a Candlelight dinner and slow dancing to your own soundtrack. It is a perfect way to document your journey, together. Plus, it is so thoughtful and it will allow, both of you, an opportunity to give your perspective and who knows, it might just take your relationship to the next level.

Candlelight Dinner

For those who are great cooks, definitely whip up a high end meal like surf and turf or the shrimp and lobster tower for your bae. Absolutely step out of your comfort zone and make a gourmet meal and if you bake, try making a soufflé or some kind of chocolate dessert to finish off the meal, on a high note!

Now, for those who can't boil water, there is a solution for you as well. Why not contact your favorite spot and see if they are offering Valentine's Day romantic dinners and have it delivered. Another option is hiring a personal chef and plan a customize a special meal your bae will never forget. For dessert, how about picking up strawberries and some chocolate drizzle or whipped cream for dipping. In a nutshell, it doesn't matter which option you choose, as long as you make things special for your bae.

Now that the food is on point, you need to think about the table décor. Take the time to choose table settings that match the mood. If you are going for a Valentine's Day theme, then choose reds, pinks and white. However, if you are going for a more luxurious approach, then choose black, white with gold or silver accents. When choosing candles, never use scented candles on the table because, it doesn't allow the tasty aroma, of your food, to shine. Creating a menu would also be a great touch as a way of creating a more personal dining experience.

Soundtrack of Love

Now that the food and décor is taken care of, let's get to the main event, the music. As a hopeless romantic, I believe that music can sometimes express feeling and speak louder than words. So, why not create a soundtrack of your love for one another. How, you may ask? Well, here is the blueprint:

  1. When you send the invite, ask your bae to choose 5 songs that speak to various parts of your relationship and promise to do the same.

  2. The playlist can easily be created on YouTube because the songs can be easily added and save for safe keeping.

  3. After they thoughtfully select the song, tell them to write down what part of the relationship it represents and why they choose it.

  4. On Valentine's Day, you both will present the playlist to each other as a gift instead of the traditional gifts (Candy, flowers, card, etc.)

Muni Long said it best, 'I could do this for Hours and Hours and Hours!' and with this kind of activity, you will. Because a special gift like a love playlist or love soundtrack can bring out emotions that you may have never felt before. After all, music lyrics can bring clarity to any situation and at times they can express things that you can't find the words to say.

Spend the evening taking turns playing each song and giving your explanation. Then, ask each other how the song makes them feel and what memory it reminds them of. Maybe incorporation slow dancing in the mix and transition into an amazing make out session. Trust me, this thoughtful walk back down memory lane will surely bring a sentimental spark back to any relationship. After this, a proposal or a ring upgrade may be on the horizon.

At the end of the day, it is important to keep the love and connection alive, even when things are so chaotic in the world. By taking the time out to romance your significant other, you are acknowledging how special they are to you. Sometimes all people want is to ‘matter’ to their partner. The two activities mentioned, in this article, are simple, easy to plan, and don’t take much time and effort to put together. So, don’t just wait until calendar holiday’s, birthday’s or anniversaries to celebrate your love. Why not plan a date night, just because, to show them just how much you care!

Try my suggestions out and let me know how things went. Trust me you will be glad you did and your sweetie will appreciate your thoughtfulness too!.



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