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PRESTIGE: Chef Jason Wallace - The Restaurant Scientist

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Introducing FEBRUARY 2022 Prestige Cover Star - Chef Jason Wallace - Chef, Consultant, Educator and Wealth Builder in the Culinary Industry.


In Early December 2021, I had an opportunity to interview an ICON in the culinary industry. Chef Jason Wallace has managed to change the narrative by elevating Chefs of Color through his consulting service THE RESTAURANT SCIENTIST. In this special blog entry I will be sharing a snapshot of who this amazing and powerful African American Chef as a sneak preview to his Full Interview as our PRESTIGE Cover Feature in FEB. 2022 premier issue of JEWELZ OF ELEGANCE MAGAZINE.



Jason Wallace, distinguished Culinary Institute of America alum, former Executive Chef, General Manager and College Professor turned Restaurant Consultant is taking Chef's of Color to the next level with is consulting company, THE RESTAURANT SCIENTIST. Since the early 90's, Wallace has successfully offered his professional expertise for more than 30 years to numerous restaurants in various phases of operations including start-up, existing, and brand expansion as a way of educating chefs as well as owners on building generational wealth. Previous to his transition to consulting, Wallace, who was raised in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania with a solid foundation from his parents who where blue collar workers; started his love for cooking as a cook in the US Navy. During his enlistment of 5 years, Chef Wallace was exposed to a plethora of cultures and cooking styles. It was two years from completing his enlistment that he applied for the Culinary Institute of America, one of the most prestigious culinary schools in the U.S., and began developing his craft. Despite the rigorous courses and the added pressure of being the only person of color in most of his classes, Wallace mastered all aspects of culinary techniques and cuisines. After graduation, his decision to head to Harlem, a cultural melting pot, was strategically planned. Despite his extensive knowledge of "The Science of All this Culinary" from school, an apprenticeship in La Rochelle, France at Restaurant Coutanceau as well as working in the front of the house for Restaurant Associates at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, a 12 million dollar account, he chose to bring his talents to Harlem, NY as a way to bring quality eating and drinking establishments to the African American Community. His first stop was Syliva's, famous for her Southern Comfort Food since 1962, where he consulted them on business operations, process improvement, and increasing profits. Some of his other contributions include:

  • Founder of the Black Culinary Alumni of CIA

  • Founder of the Black Culinary Alliance

  • Bachelors in Restaurant Business (CIA)

  • Masters in Food Business (CIA)

  • Real Estate License

  • Adjunct Professor at a plethora of culinary schools

  • CEO of The Restaurant Scientist Restaurant Consulting

As a result of Wallace's dedication and his devotion to training Chefs and Restaurants of Color on building wealth in the culinary industry, he has taken the New York culinary scene by the horns and for 35 years, he has changed the narrative of how African American culinary stars are respected in the industry!

As a woman of color, I am so grateful for Chef Wallace's efforts and admire his dedication to such an underserved group of restauranteurs. For more information about this amazing African American culinary contributor, please check out his interview in the February 2022 issue of JEWELZ OF ELEGANCE. It's an issue that you don't want to miss!



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