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Using the PILLOW METHOD to Manifest Your Desires While You Dream

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

NAMASTE and WELCOME to the TRANSFORMATION CORNER where you will find information on manifestation and a plethora of methods on changing your mindset to create success, abundance and prosperity in your life. Todays article focus on a relatively new method which is beginner's friendly and easy to incorporate into your night routine. So grab your journal and writing utensil, of choice and let's get to it!


“Manifest Your Desires While You Dream!”

Did you know that the most important parts of your day are the moment you fall asleep and the time you wake up. Therefore it is vital to set the right intentions to avoid negative vibes or thoughts that can derail the desires of your heart.

But what is the pillow method? The pillow method is an easy manifestation technique that is used to activate THE LAW OF ATTRACTION while you sleep.

  • Write your power affirmations as a letter or short story as if what you want as if it already happen. This is known as scripting.

  • Your affirmations should be short but very specific and detailed.

  • In order for your manifestation to more powerful and come quicker it is recommended that you anoint your letter with Manifestation oils ( see recipe). Put a dab of oil on each corner of the letter.

  • Make sure to read your manifestation letter aloud before you go to bed. This will create a positive vibe which leads to sweet dreams.

  • When you aware, incorporate your letter into your daily morning routine. It will cleanse your mind and lead to positive vibes through out the day.

There are 3 reasons why this technique is so effective.

  1. It helps rewire your subconscious thought patterns during sleep.

  2. It allows your last thoughts of the day to be positive which has a positive effect on your dreams. As a result, your mind will process positive thought into the next morning.

  3. As you fall asleep you maintain the intention while “Releasing” of any and all resistance the may interfere with the manifestation of your desires.

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